Why Exploring Networks?

Ecosystems, Twitter, the global financial market… networks play a central role in the global society, in the basic workings of the Planet, and in people’s social relations. It is impossible to understand climate change, the spread of AIDS, flu pandemics, or massive extinctions, without taking into account the networks that underlie these phenomena. Networks are basic ingredients of financial crises, large-scale blackouts, and computer viruses outbreaks. They give insights on how health and behaviour are affected by social circles, how one can better handle relations –both online and offline-, and how one can find jobs or run businesses relying on personal ties.

In recent years, a common “network science” has emerged, that encompasses the contribution of a large variety of different disciplines. This blog is a window on network science. It aims at engaging general readers with the fascinating results of this research.

The author of the blog is Michele Catanzaro, a freelance journalist based in Barcelona, Spain. He collaborates with media in the UK (Nature, PhysicsWorld), Spain (El Periódico de Catalunya, Redes), Italy (Le Scienze, Repubblica.it). He holds a PhD on Dynamics in Complex Networks by the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). He is the coauthor, with physicist Guido Caldarelli, of “Networks. A Very Short Introduction” (Oxford University Press, 2012)

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